JayFund Benefits

JayFund mortgage investments are secured by real estate that can often be observed within the community.

JayFund customers enjoy the benefit of having a security interest registered against the real estate in respect of which the loan has been given and, to the extent that underlying value of the real estate exceeds amount of the loan, this provides the investor with the protection of a secured loan.  The decision as to the extent to which a loan is given against any real estate, is made and administered by a professional management team.  For investors seeking a diverse approach to their investment portfolio, including RRSP/RRIF funds, mortgage investments can be an attractive investment in any such diversified portfolio.

JayFund investors earn a blended rate of return based on the interest earned from each respective mortgage while they remain holders of shares in the MIC; the mortgage pool is continuously managed with new mortgages replacing mortgages that mature. Your income is issued to you directly and a quarterly statement keeps you up-to-date on your investments—a rewarding yet effortless investment. JayCap investment advantages include:



You Own An Interest In Several Mortgages Diversification
The Pool Is Professionally Managed Convenient
The MIC Distributes Income On A Quarterly Basis Regular Income
RRSP/RRIF Eligible Tax-free Growth
Audited Financial Statements Accountability

This information sheet does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any securities of JayFund Inc.’s MIC. All securities offerings carried out by JayCap Financial Inc. will be made to qualified purchasers in specified jurisdictions by delivery to them of formal offering documentation prepared specifically for the purpose of making such an offer and in compliance with applicable securities laws of the specific jurisdiction in which the offer is being made.